- How Do I Get My Files After Purchase? 

After purchase you should receive a confirmation email. Then you should receive another email containing the download links to your files. You can also log into your account via the store then click "my account" and scroll down. You will see a list of your orders. Click an order and it should bring you to a download page. Links expire so download immediately within 24 hours and back up on an external drive for safe keeping.

- What Happens If I Do Not Receive My Download Link?

If for some reason the download link is not delivered, we will email the file to you directly.  Please provide order number or proof of purchase. We can see each order coming in and will make sure you get your files. Please NOTE: an order number is required. Payment must be listed as "succeeded" via payment processor website before anything is delivered.

- Do You Offer Subscriptions? 

No. There used to be a Patreon 2020-2021 but we have consolidated everything to just the store. There are no plans for subscriptions coming back.

- What Determines Prices?

Prices are based on:

  • Cost of production.
  • Number of models featured in the photoshoot.
  • Number of images.
  • Popularity / demand.

- Will All Of Your Work Be Sold On The Store?

No. Much of my work (previous, current, & future) cannot be uploaded to Patreon or sold on the store hence I'm hiring models to create exclusive content for both Patreon & the store.

- How often is the store updated?

The store is updated in spare/free time when there is new content ready to be sold. There is no schedule but I work seasonally. Spring, Summer, & Fall are usually the busiest seasons for photographers. When there are site updates ready, my Patrons on Patreon will be the first to know and then my followers on various social media shortly afterward.

- Is My Information Private?

Yes. We do not share any of our customers information with any third party.

- What is in a typical photoshoot?

Most photoshoots include a balanced variety of head shots, medium waist-up or knee-high portraits, signature bare feet modeling, and creative full length portraits. There are both horizontal and vertical perspectives. Most photoshoots listed as "Just Foot Modeling" are mostly close-ups of foot modeling where a model was hired to only foot model.