The following vertical collages have received the most views and interactions over the last several years and can now be viewed in 4320 x 7680 resolution here via this blog post! Please note, each photoshoot contained many more images. Some of the photoshoots are not and will not be made available for sale and are just to showcase and demonstrate photographers resolve. 


I grew up making scrap books of cut out images in folders and would slide my favorites into the front clear space of big ring binders when I was a kid. Back then, a lot of my friends and peers did this. It was a fun pass time activity and we'd see each others binders and lockers and have a pretty good idea of what that person was probably like. It's not a common thing anymore now that we have smart phone devices and social media apps but I'll always appreciate the creativity behind it. 

Collages are very helpful when trying to communicate what I'm looking to do. I want to create a series of images and a full feature length experience and am not concerned about if it's trending or not. If a photo speaks a thousand words, a collage speaks that many words times the number of images in it.

If a patron of the arts purchases viewing access (their order number is like a concert ticket), they can thumb through the images like a slide-show or jump to their favorite scene. 

This is how I experienced other peoples photography growing up on websites like GaiaOnline's photography forums, photo albums on myspace, vampire freaks, and facebook, as well as photography websites like DeviantArt, 500px, Flickr, Renderosity's photography forums, and shared photobucket albums, etc. 

Long form, or having many images to a photoshoot and presenting a collage, is a much more thorough process and really transports the viewer. I believe it will always be in demand. Thank you all so much for supporting my art work.


Each model was paid handsomely for the use of their talents and likeness or resemblance. A meeting or discussion was held with the model and/or their legal representatives beforehand to discuss the project details and solidify productions. There are also signed model releases for each and every photoshoot. Any model under 18 in OR or 16 in WA had parental/legal guardian consent to participate with Stephan Partipilo LLC.

All works belong to Stephan Partipilo LLC. 

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