MODEL CALL | Now Booking Fine Art Photoshoots in Oregon and Washington 


Seeking models to work with Spring, Summer, and Fall! All ages welcome. Have a parent reach out.

Outfit: Simple jeans and plain shirts with solid colors are highly recommended for headshots. Avoid logos, patterns, baggy clothing, or graphics.

Location: a public city park location(s). Contact for a list of location options and to make a plan. 

Time: Contact to reserve 30 minute, 1 hour, or 1.5 - 2 hours session(s).

Models can be anonymous and/or use different names.

Models are paid per shoot same day via Cash, Cheque, or CashApp.

Models also receive copies of the images and may do anything with them.

Photographer can also cover hair/makeup and professional pedicures.

Photographer will sell the images to recover expenses back over time as well as to earn a living from his craft. 

Model photoshoots include a balanced variety of head shots, medium close ups, bare feet modeling, and creative full length portraits.

What I'm looking for:

I'm hoping to hire an athletic model for multiple shoots this Spring, Summer, and Fall. It's a great way we can build our portfolios and experience together and is also a lot of fun. She can be anonymous, use a different name, or I can tag/credit her like Sasha Bas. Any/all ages, experience levels, backgrounds and ethnicities are accepted. Would prefer she herself is serious about the job/work opportunity in that she has a good attitude, is having fun, and is not just there because a parent or manager is making her. Parent(s) or legal guardian must be present at all times. I pay models same-day-of-shoot, immediately afterward, and upon model release sign. I usually pay cash but can also do CashApp or PayPal if she prefers. I also ask everyone to sign an IRS W9 and will provide them a 1099 NEC if we do a second photoshoot per year.

What I can offer:

Selling images on my store has provided me with the means to independently fund and self-produce my creative visions and passion projects. In addition to paying models, I can also reimburse for professional pedicures and manicures plus hair and makeup costs. I ask everyone to bring hard copies of receipts for my accountant. I can also sometimes cover costs of outfits (my favorite styles are Zumiez, Tillys, Forever21, H&M, and basically modern contemporary next-gen fashion). She also receives copies of the photos that turn up and can do anything with them. I sell my art to fans world-wide to earn a living from my model photography as well as to cover costs of productions and earn my investments back over time. Sometimes magazines will publish my works if a model submits her photos to them. Some of my photos featuring Sasha Bas have been published multiple times by both seattletalent, and la belle kids fashion magazine. 

Thank you everyone for supporting my art and helping me keep doing what I love. 


Call/Text/FaceTime : 971.283.8200 

Email : [email protected]