MODEL CALL | Now Booking Fine Art Photoshoots in Oregon and Washington 



Full time independent niche artist. Love my life and am blessed to earn a living doing something I'm passionate about in the creative arts.

Picked up a camera in high school back in 2008 as a non-serious hobby. 

Went to Chemeketa Community College for general studies 2 years, then Full Sail University Online for music production and entertainment business 2 years.

Went full time in 2015 as an outdoor on-location traditional portrait service provider. provided portraits for families, weddings, seniors, products, commercials, and music events. 

At the same time also worked indoor as a studio photographer at PicturePeople in 2015. 

Was an unpaid intern, production assistant, and student under Erin Galey of InTheFlickr at RecordingRadioFilmConnection through out 2017.

In 2019 began monetizing my personal model photography via a patreon account. Left patreon mid 2020 and now own my own digital online store that serves as a body-of-works and long-term portfolio archive.

Current primary focus consists of fine art model photography. I've discovered that if you're good at something the world will pay you to keep doing it. It's been a beautiful journey so far and I can't wait to see what comes next.


Outdoor public city location in Oregon and/or Washington (contact for details). 


Photoshoots are generally 1-2 hours. Limited availability. Contact to schedule. 


Model will be paid via cash or cheque, same day, immediately afterward, and/or upon model release sign. She'll also receive copies of the finished images and may do anything with them. Model can do anything she wants with the images and does not have to credit photographer. Photographer will use commercially and for profit to support and further his business, as well as to earn a living from his craft. 


Most active during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Models can be anonymous using different names (highly recommended). Contact if interested. We'll schedule a video call (can do FaceTime, Zoom, instagram or facebook video message) to discuss and go over everything. Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for video call.

Thank you everyone for any support!


Call/Text/FaceTime : 971.283.8200 

Email : [email protected]